Steve Harpur, CGA, CPA

Founder, Director, and President


Having founded Earth Renu Energy Corp in 2009, Steve spent several years prior to this extensively researching and experimenting with the processing of various commercial and agricultural organic waste streams. He built several in-vessel composter prototypes and trained to become a compost facility operator.

Steve has university level training in composting and in the operation of biogas facilities (University of Guelph). Steve has operational experience in composting, running biogas facilities, and in the production of biodiesel from various feedstocks.

The inspiration which ultimately led toward the founding of Earth Renu came from an article Steve read in early 2009 describing an Ontario farming practice where in farmers were using cow manure to make electricity. Several phone calls later, along with a copious amount of research further piqued Steve’s interest in the biological process of anaerobic digestion.

Steve led the development by Earth Renu of the first plant in BC to mechanically de-package waste food from its packaging to enable it to be digested and converted into renewable natural gas. This plant was subsequently purchased by the largest composting/biogas facility in BC and was relocated to its premises.

After the sale of this plant, Steve led Earth Renu in a new direction where it now focused on providing sustainable and innovative solutions to treat waste water in industrial environments while repurposing much of the waste into renewable resources.

Steve’s passion is to produce sustainable solutions so that future generations can relish the fruits of our planet as it was meant to be enjoyed.



Alexandre Vigneault, PhD,

Director of Research

  headshot (1)Alexandre joined Earth Renu in 2013 to work on the scale up of the process to remove Free Fatty Acids (FFAs) from used cooking oil. Since then, Alexandre has been involved in the planning and execution of all the research activities performed by the company. Alex has a Ph.D. in Chemical & Biological Engineering from the University of British Columbia in the field of clean energy and distributed hydrogen production.  He also holds a Master’s degree from the University of Sherbrooke in biochemical and biofuel production.  Alex also has a diverse background in consulting for sustainability services, such as life cycle assessment, carbon footprint, sustainability assessment, and clean energy project evaluation, such as wind, micro-hydro and solar energy.








Rick Gibbs


As cofounder and President of Neutron Factory Works Inc, Rick Gibbs’ career spans over 25 years working in a broad range of industrial environments from food production and processing facilities to waste water systems and high tech renewable energy projects. Rick has been exposed to the reality of massive waste and inefficiencies that plague our current production systems. Through his involvement with local organizations including Quest Food Exchange, Climate Smart, The BC Food Processors Association, The Safety Alliance of British Columbia and The Industry Training Authority, Rick has worked hard to bring attention to areas in our socioeconomic system that require new thinking, including in the area of trades education.

Today, in addition to running Neutron Factory Works and  working with the leadership team at Earth Renu, Rick sits on the board of directors for the Delta Chamber of Commerce and the BC Food Processors Association and is Chair for the ITA’s Manufacturing Sector Advisory Group and Vice Chair for the BC Safety Charter. He volunteers a lot of his time with Quest Food Exchange, where he has been successful in redirecting thousands of Kgs of perfectly good food destined for landfills to markets that serve Vancouver’s most vulnerable.

Rick’s work in both industry and the community has been recognized by his peers, he and his company have received numerous awards over the years including Profit Magazine’s Hot 50 2002, Business in Vancouver’s 40 under 40 2004, Delta Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year 2005, BCFPA’s Innovator of the Year 2012, BCFPA’s Leadership Award 2013, E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year finalist 2014.