Earth Renu Energy Corp is a BC owned and operated company dedicated to the providing sustainable solutions to the water and organics streams that are produced by companies as by-products of their main business.

We are creating a paradigm shift in the way that these streams are viewed. We don’t use the word “waste” but rather consider these streams are resources from which value can be extracted for BC companies.

To this end, Earth Renu built the first mechanical food depackaging plant in BC in 2011. This plant has diverted thousands of tonnes of food from landfill with this food ultimately being converted into electricity while recovering hundreds of tonnes of plastic, cardboard, and tin.

Recently, we converted sewer grease in Richmond, BC to biodiesel and produced a fertilizer from biodiesel waste that was successful tested at the University of British Columbia on many different crops.

Current efforts are focused on two areas:

   1. Upcycling fats, oils, and greases from BC businesses into sustainable biofuels and other forms of energy.

   2. Extracting value from process water produced by BC food processors.